Audio visual systems now use digital technology. People who set up the systems (called AV integrators) need to be knowledgeable about IP network protocols, digital rights management, digital signal processing, digital cabling and switching, and many other related topics. They need to understand these things just as well as they understand things like screen size or audio dispersion.

As a leading provider in the industry, we take pride in our extensive experience spanning over six years. Throughout our years of operation, we have developed the necessary skills and expertise needed to meet the varying integration needs of our clients. We understand that every organization’s integration requirements are unique, and we are always ready to tailor our services to suit your specific needs.

Afg Contracting is more than just a great option to design and install your next conference room, classroom, video conference suite, or specialized AV system. We pride ourselves in the strong reputation we have built in the industry, which extends beyond just the installation phase. Rest assured that AFG contracting is dedicated to providing you with exceptional service and expertise throughout your entire AV journey.


AFG Contracting is a company that makes audio and visual systems that are tailored to the clients’ needs. They have been doing this for over six years. AFG Contracting makes systems that include design, installation, training, and support. They are committed to their clients and making sure they have the right communication tools. They work with everyone involved in the process, from architects to the end-users, to make sure the systems work well and meet the organization’s needs.


AFG Contracting is a premier company that offers a wide range of design-build services and project planning options for clients looking to enhance their audio-visual integration. Our knowledgeable staff is committed to providing a unique and personalized solution to meet your specific needs. From the initial design phase to the final field installation, our highly trained team will be there every step of the way to ensure that your vision is realized with the utmost attention to detail.  our experienced engineers will work diligently to design and implement a customized audio-visual solution that meets and exceeds your expectations.


Factory Trained & Certified Programmers With Expert Engineers.

All control panels will be customized by our programmers to ensure audio and video processors work efficiently and intuitively. Our focus is on ease-of-use, and our programming services include user needs analysis, touch panel design, shop and field testing, and on-site commissioning. We take pride in our ability to design and engineer custom sound and video systems. Your dedicated project architect will meet with our engineers to develop an appropriately appointed space, preparing the necessary CAD drawings, schematics, and acoustical models.


Rack Fabrication & Field Installation

Our in-house technicians will assemble needed components and fabricate equipment racks, expediting field installation time. 

We test AV system equipment, rack wiring, and programming in our dedicated quality control area to minimize impact on your business operations during installation.

Field technicians will install your new system at your site and commission it to make sure everything performs at its peak.


Customer Service

An experienced customer service representative will make sure that you receive the best on-site and off-site service with the best skillful technicians on demand. We are flexible, results oriented and quality is highly important to us. All of all staff is skillful, creative and patient every step of the way. We are always happy to help!

We hope you will call us whenever questions come up on new technologies and new products, or if you have a specific question about a project you are working on. We will be very happy to help in any way we can.

If you are in need of service right now, let us know.


Video walls and their arrays of high-definition displays are often the centerpiece in various environments: college campuses, retail stores, meeting rooms, lobbies, auditoriums, cinemas, hotels, sports bars, airports, and houses of worship. Their applications include aesthetic enhancement, information sharing, and interactive functions that engage customers to explore environments, clothing options, and a company’s suite of services and products.

Audio sound systems have migrated to the network in settings as diverse as hospitals, performance arenas and convention centers. Properly designed audio systems are critical in every environment, including those being used for audio conferencing, sound reinforcement, paging systems, emergency notifications and distribution of audio feeds. Working with the leading manufacturers of audio systems, we develop solutions that bring together analog and digital signals in a hybrid environment.
You want to bring people out of their homes and into the seats of your performing arts center or stadium. And to do that, you need the AV systems that complement the performers and enhance your event. Some of these systems include high-definition video walls, advanced sound systems, streaming video, and live broadcast capabilities that help create a memorable experience for guests
Afg Contacting allows you to achieve a work space for your employees that will improve productivity, inspiration, and creativity at your business. We use a process-based approach to goals, following best practices and working closely with you to develop unique solutions. For every service, you will receive our expertise along with collaboration from top manufacturers in the AV industry.

When creating the right digital signage installation for you, we consider every element, including the displays, the content, and the media players that send content to the displays. Furthermore, we will design, build, and deliver workflow processes and ongoing support with your operations, architecture, and goals in mind. We offer all this while ensuring you always have the most up-to-date technology suitable for engaging your target audience. 

Regardless of the industry, command and control centers should give your staff valuable insight into company assets that they can act upon. Whether yours is a command center that pulls in real-time social media data, or tracks IT systems across the enterprise, or enables you to monitor and control asset exploration, our Team combines its wealth of knowledge, manufacturer partnerships, and experience to deliver the environment and experience you require.
AFG Contracting puts its systems integration talents to work for K-12, Higher Education, and Charter School environments. We design audio-visual and collaboration solutions for classrooms and training centers so that learners can work with one another in the same room and across great distances.

Display systems play a crucial role in today’s world, enabling people to share information in a digital format. They offer versatile solutions that can be easily tailored to meet diverse needs. with a powerful digital signage player that can showcase a range of content formats, including images, videos, text, and web pages. 

Digital podium is the integration of various audio-visual equipment, which helps to deliver smart lectures and presentations. The digital podium has been designed and manufactured using premium quality rubber wood. It has a touch interactive panel mounted on the top. It integrates a highly configured computer system.