Our Mission

AFG Contracting is a leading electromechanical firm and one of the most highly trusted companies. When it comes to electrical works, we aim to be a leader in the field. Our expertise not only covers installation, but also starts from designing systems that fit the needs and requirements of clients, and continues with full support to ensure well-functioning of systems.

What We Do

AFG Contracting has successfully delivered numerous projects all over the Kingdom for both the private sector and the government such as airports, hotels, METRO & Monorail, hospitals & clinics, religious buildings, heritage sites, universities and governmental buildings.

We are well equipped to undertake large scale projects which include not only indoor works, but also heavy external infrastructure. With a very strong team of experienced engineers and technicians, we offer professional expertise in the first, second and third fix installations, testing and commissioning services and maintenance of electrical systems of various voltage levels



Through our in-house team of design engineers in Riyadh headquarters, the Engineering Division enables us to offer a complete turn-key and coordinated design/build multi-trade package to clients. 

Our division is furnished with professional & experienced engineers who have a passion for their work and are committed to provide outstanding design services. We employ various design software for electrical load calculations and 3-D modeling that enable our company to be involved in BIM projects as they are becoming more prevalent in the region. This was enhanced lately by turning completely into Revit modeling for all of the projects awarded.


Our group is proud to be an established and respected company in the industry, renowned for our high-quality electrical work. Our electrical site team is comprised of a group of highly skilled individuals who have been working together for years, building a valuable collaborative experience. This experience has allowed them to establish an efficient workflow that ensures seamless project execution and easy knowledge-sharing, guaranteeing that you always receive the collective expertise of our entire team.

Our team is diverse and includes project managers, engineers, technicians, and supporting staff who all bring unique skills and expertise to each project. This ensures that each project receives a well-rounded approach and full consideration of all aspects of the job.

Our field teams are responsible for executing the systems on site and commissioning them to ensure optimal performance, so you can trust that your project is in good hands. 


Our technical teams are available to clients to assist with any technical issues that may arise. Moreover, our support teams hold training sessions with client’s end users to provide training on system use and to help maximize the system benefits. Moreover, we will also provide comprehensive training sessions to our clients and their end-users. These sessions are essential in helping to maximize system efficiency. Our support team will guide you and provide step-by-step instructions to ensure that users are confident in system use. The goal of our training sessions is to empower end-users with the knowledge that will save them time and ultimately make their work much easier.

Designing and implementing data centers have become our mastered experience. The company has a team of engineers who are certified from Pearson Education-UK as professional data center designers. During the past years, we designed and built data centers with different size ranges, some of which were Uptime certified. Our studies, design and implementation cover the power solutions, network cabling solutions, cabinet allocations optimization , systems monitoring, access control, fire detection and video surveillance; with outstanding achievements in NOC areas.
Mitigating high-risk threats and meeting security requirements are crucial to keeping your building, occupants and assets safe. No matter how complex your needs are, we can create tailored CCTV, Access Control, Intrusion Detection and physical campus security solutions using cutting edge technologies from design, engineering, installation to commissioning and maintenance. Moreover, we excel in designing and installing security operation centers SOCs that put the whole control and command capabilities in the hands of operators.
In the low current field, we aim to aim to lead the contracting market in everything we do; thus, our team provides state-of-the-art turnkey solutions and are capable of designing and executing special low current systems including but not restricted to Nurse Call system, Face Recognition, Video Analytics, TV distribution systems, Water Leak Detection Systems and Clock systems.
Fire alarm installations are protecting the lives of people who make businesses run, who receive treatment at healthcare institutions, who deliver or receive education in schools & universities all over the world…etc. ; at CFB, we find innovative ways to meet site-specific challenges and make every project a success
When it comes to High Current; your safety is our priority and the safety starts with Switchgear. We undertake all the works related to MV & LV Switchgear from the initial design to final stage of testing and commissioning. Our expert engineer’s fine tune the design specifications to suit the project needs and we procure best in class products from highly classified companies. Our association with different international electrical manufacturers helps in safe and fast project cycle.

The Generator is the one of the cores of any Electrical project and we give intensive care about this core. For every Power Generation plant there are two things that really matter:

  • Robustness &
  • Efficiency

Our erudite designers make sure that the plant operation is robust & energy efficient. We procure from world class companies for smooth and safe operation cycle.

We believe that lighting is the fourth dimension of architecture, meant to be integrated with and enhance other design disciplines. We work with knowledge of how lighting can affect social interactions, whether at work, home, school and play. Our expertise in design technique and sensitivity toward functionality and the social effects of lighting equips us with the resources to find better solutions that are both environmentally sustainable and enhance the business. 

Our highly experts team of engineers works intensively for this core in order to provide most suitable design solution to each and every project we undertake. We always make sure that the whole system works smoothly and the Transformers play an important role in that. We have a talented team which works for the design, installation and testing of Power/Distribution transformers and RMU. Even if it’s a small residential Transformer or a large industrial one; our team works hard to give the best to the customers. We have a vast array of suppliers who provide us with world class products We deal with all types of transformers whether it is Indoor or Outdoor, Pole mounted or Pad Mounted, and Dry Type or Oil Type Transformers.

We can all agree that a good grounding systems in any type of electrical installation is severely important, we are talking about human and economical safety.

Grounding system’s main purpose is to provide a common point of reference between various sources of electrical energy. However specialists establish the importance of grounding systems as to:

  • Stabilize the voltage to earth
  • Provide a low impedance path for the fault current to flow to earth in order to protect us and our devices
Backup power supply is as important as the main supply, if you are dealing with sophisticated and critical equipment load. Our broad knowledge and technical expertise give us the higher edge in this area. We make sure that your systems will not get affected in any power outage situation. Also our professional team guarantees most efficient and economical solution.