AFG Contracting is a leader in providing Turnkey Telecommunication Solutions for the Commercial, Public and Defense Telecommunication systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


AFG Contracting provides full Turnkey Telecommunication solutions starting from Consultancy, Project Management, Designing, Integrating, Installation & Testing, Commissioning, Training (including Train the Trainer) and Operation & Maintenance for the following systems:

  • TETRA Radios
  • Microwave (MW) systems
  • VSAT systems
  • Indoor solution
  • Electronic Countermeasure (ECM)
  • Data Center
  • Mobile Communication Systems and Back Office software

AFG Contracting provides you with the expert advice, knowledge and experience to satisfy your mobile communications needs. We have provided solutions for TETRA Network Operators, TETRA equipment manufacturers, TETRA end-users, MW, and VSAT plus much more.

We provides services to complete strategic and basic planning, feasibility studies, evaluating technical specifications and provide turnkey solutions to be built. We also provides suggestions and assistance to the Government/Private Sector in formulating:

  • Outsourcing strategies/ models
  • Evaluation & finalizing the bids.
  • Contract finalization with selected service provider
  • Supervision of implementation and acceptance testing.
  • Long-term service contracts
  • Operation and maintenance services

AFG Contracting professional Project Management team takes care for all project Life cycle including but not limited to the following Project Management cycles:

  • Integration
  • Scope
  • Time
  • Quality
  • Human Resource
  • Risk
  • Procurement & Logistics

AFG Contracting provides a reliable turn-key design in the technology industry; a major module in our VISION. Performing the design is executed by utilizing experience of our team and through producing pre-built packages that reflect the requirements. A comprehensive coverage of requests monitors and ensures the task performance.


We at AFG Contracting keep a serious project-defining approach, building the process that the team will use to manage the project according to the project scope. We are disciplined in our roles and responsibilities ensuring we create, execute, and control the project plan.


AFG Contracting offers everything a data center services provider should, but what makes us different than our competitors is our responsiveness. We allow you to create your own data center customized for your specific business needs. We ensure to resolve our customer queries with satisfying solutions and smart approaches.

A complete design data center will be offered which includes building design, Architectural and Schematic drawing design, raise floor, switches, management systems, configuration and installation. A full back up system is also provided throughout UPS and electrical power generators.


AFG Contracting is a distributor in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as TETRA system is becoming the reliable technology used for critical communications. We provide turnkey solutions for TETRA System, following our meetings with our clients and understanding their needs, which includes but not limited to the fleet user profile design (mapping), designing, planning, programming, installing, maintaining and delivery equipment and services. We provides Radio installation design for all types off mass production vehicles, armored vehicles, tracked vehicles, ambulance, Mobile Command Room vehicles and motorcycles,… Thru it is own Certified and experienced Engineering team. AFG Contracting provides TETRA Mobile Radio Training (in both English and Arabic) as per the following:


  • Installation Design ( Theoretical & Practical)
  • Train the Trainer 
  • Maintenance & Service 

AFG Contracting provides several types of SEPURA TETRA radios, which include and not limited to the following: 

  • SRG 3900: could be used for any vehicle, track, ambulance, desktop, motorcycle 
  • STP 9000 (HANDHELD) 
  • SRC 3300 (COVERT)

The extensive experience of various services namely: Designing, Project Planning, Budgeting, Implementing, Scheduling, Reporting, Management Services, Deliverables, and Logistics of AFG Contracting proves reliability and success. We have a competent and well-organized development department team which works to develop and integrate all type of telecommunication required systems.

Some of the successful and productive works of Our Development TEAM include:

  • Call Taker application
  • Call Dispatcher
  • Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system
  • Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) system
  • Plat Recognition system
  • Facial Recognition system
  • Access Control system
  • Fire alarm detection

AFG Contracting responsible to improve the clients existing system by integrating different technologies with each other. We ensures and designs different sub-system components to be integrated into one system.

AFG Contracting provides a full turnkey solution for all VSAT technologies and Topologies, and our services in this scope is to provide a full projects solution include, site survey, Link budget, technical, architectural, Mechanical, electrical designs.

We provides different types of VSAT solution that meets customer needs for a reliable and secures communication, such as:

  • Earth Station, with different types and size of Fixed or Motorized Antennas.
  • HUB & NOC
  • Remote site, with different types & size of Antennas ( 0.6m, 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m, 3.8m, 8.1m, …)
  • Satellite on the move, with full Interior and Exterior vehicle design.
  • Fixed Mobile Antenna (Auto Deploy and Control Antenna) with full interior and Exterior vehicle design.
  • We are capable to provide Star, Mesh, Hybrid and SCPC (DAMA & PAMA) topologies.

AFG Contracting is capable to hold the responsibility that includes both static and dynamic exhaustive testing of TETRA radios to support the qualification of equipment.


Our logistic department provides comprehensive transportation, storing, managing, processing and controlling over the entire flow of resources, tools, materials and goods for every project available throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and overseas to support our international projects.

AFG Contracting offers the expertise and experience to provide a  Turnkey solutions for Public and Defense sectors of any Microwave type and technology services (Point to Point, Point to Multi-point) , not limited development of:

  • Design
  • Site survey
  • Link budget
  • Installation,commissioning, maintenance  & reporting
  • Datacenter Monitor and Network Management systems
  • Training

AFG Contracting ensures all our customers’ requirements are met and delivered with the same care and quality. Our field engineering teams  install the systems and networks on a turnkey basis including developing sites with masts/towers, backbone connectivity, civil works, power, and security applications.

  • AFG Contracting has a very experienced professional team of TETRA radios programming.
  • We offer programming of TETRA radios according to the client’s requirements and fleet maps.
  • We ensure to provide the secure communication configurations through end to end encryption.
  • AFG Contracting provides the programming report of each TETRA radio to the client.

At AFG Contracting we provide reliable design of prototypes and installation services of TETRA Radios for all vehicle types. We are equally committed to provide support and maintenance of the installed terminals.

AFG Contracting TETRA team has certified professional trainers, backed up by manuals, and user guides to improve the trainees’ knowledge, which also includes practical assistance on TETRA devices, throughout the deliverable courses. We have proven training courses conducted from End-User training to terminal configuration and programing training to Train the Trainer programs’. All training can be provided in both English and Arabic.