What We Do AFG Contracting is a leader in providing Turnkey Solutions for the Commercial, Public and Defense Public Security systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
AFG Contracting provides full Turnkey solutions of Public Security starting from Consultancy, Project Management, Designing, Integrating, Installation & Testing, Commissioning, Training and Operation & Maintenance for the following systems:
  • Closed Circuit Camera and T.V systems (CCTV)
  • Access control security systems (ACS)
  • Network operation centers (NOC)
  • Intrusion detection systems (IDS)
  • Facial Recognition systems (FRS)

AFG Contracting provides you with the expert advice, knowledge and experience to satisfy your Public Security needs. We have provided solutions for CCTV, Access Control, Intrusion detection, Facial recognition, NOC plus much more. We also provides suggestions and assistance to the Government/Private Sector in formulating:

  • Evaluation & finalizing the bids.
  • Contract finalization with
  • selected service provider
  • Supervision of implementation and acceptance testing.
  • Long-term service contracts
  • Operation and maintenance services

Afg Contracting provides a reliable turn-key design in the Public Security Systems, a major module in our VISION. Performing the design is executed by utilizing experience of our team and through producing pre-built packages that reflect the requirements. A comprehensive coverage of requests monitors and ensures the task performance.


We at AFG Contracting keep a serious project defining approach, building the process that the team will use to manage the project according to the project scope. We are disciplined in our roles and responsibilities ensuring we create, execute and control the project plan.


AFG Contracting provides turnkey solutions for CCTV, following our meetings with our clients and understanding their needs, which includes but not limited to the site survey, designing, planning, installing and operating, maintaining, reporting and delivery equipment and services.

AFG Contracting provides CCTV installation design including ;

(Schematic and as build drawings) for all types off Cameras (HD, fixed, dome, PTZ, surveillance cameras …) NVR, DVR, VMS and Integration systems.

AFG Contracting provides thru it is own Certified and experienced Engineering team CCTV Training (in both English and Arabic) as per the following:

  • Programming
  • Installation Design
  • Maintenance & Service
  • Train the Trainer

AFG Contracting provides Turned key solution for Facial Recognition systems thru our experienced IT & Development teams.

AFG Contracting Facial Recognition solutions available as a software development kit that is allow development of stand-alone and web-based on Microsoft windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, Android platforms and available as multiplatform SDK that support multiple programming languages.

AFG Contracting Facial Recognition Features & Capabilities will be not limited to the following:

  • Simultaneous multiple face processing
  • Gender classification
  • Live face detection
  • Facial feature points
  • Face image quality determination
  • Multiple samples of the same face
  • Identification capability
  • Small face features template
  • Features generalization mode

AFG Contracting is specialized in Fiber Optic Intrusion Systems, and we are providing a full solution not limited to the design, installation, operation and maintenance for multimode fiber optic sensor with dual- zone/channel, DSP-based Alarm Processing Unit (APU) designed and configured for fence line, wall, or buried zone intrusion detection.

The system is capable to detect intruders and generate an alarm based on changes created in the sensor cable’s optical signal by any intruder action that causes vibration, motion or pressure. 

These actions are characteristic of an egression of a fence barrier in any of the following manners: fence climbing, post climbing, cutting, digging at the base of a fence, …

The system is capable of stand-alone operation and integrating itself into a central control system by providing alarm relay contact outputs and/or an RS-232 interface, depending on requirements of the alarm monitoring.


AFG Contracting provides turnkey solutions for ACS, following our meetings with our clients and understanding their needs. 

Based on the site survey report our process started by designing, planning, installing and programming, integrating, operating, maintaining, reporting and delivery equipment and services.

AFG Contracting has the best practices for building NOC with its two parts (construction and Networking), using the International standard thru its own experienced Engineering teams and departments (Architectural, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and IT).

AFG Contracting provides turnkey solution for Building or renewing any NOC with all required facilities based of the client requirements and needs by using the 5 areas of the Standard Telecommunication Management network model and framework:

  • Fault Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Accounting (Administration)
  • Performance management
  • Security
  • In terms of NOC process and tools CAP France BAT provides the following:
  • Ticketing system
  • Centralized Source Knowledge and Documentation
  • Reporting Reports on a daily, weekly & monthly basis include all major incidents…
  • Monitoring: Monitoring Infrastructure & Customer Help desk/experience
  • Process Automation Implementation to reduce the main time to recovery