About Us

Asil Future (AFG) Contracting Establishment is a diversified Saudi company. Established in 2018, the past decades have seen our business grow from a modest civil-works firm into a fully ledged general contracting corporation with a sizable portfolio, strong financial position, and a significant presence in a broad range of industries. Indeed, our construction division is now among the five largest operators in the country. What’s more, our unwavering focus on excellence has earned us a Class-1 business ranking in Saudi Arabia. Over the years, AFG Contracting has successfully completed a broad variety of prestigious projects including, but not limited to, commercial & residential complexes including exclusive high-end villas & palaces, towers & high rise buildings, hotels & recreational centers, hospitals & medical facilities, defense & military projects, retail & commercial centers, schools & educational facilities and highways & bridges. 


Today, AFG Contracting Executive Management consists of highly qualified professionals that possess wide knowledge and experience in the construction field and have been working for the company for many years, backed by a team of engineers and competent manpower whose expertise ensure quality, performance, and timely delivery of our projects as planned. Company success is attributed to our commitment to deliver the highest quality work while meeting and exceeding client satisfaction. This is evident by the numerous certificates of competencies awarded by various clients. In addition, to the continuous development of our management and construction techniques and the ongoing staff training and professional development while meeting the required level of Saudization. We constantly place emphasis on health, safety, and the environment. The Company is proud to have been a key player in the early development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s infrastructure and is continuously enhancing its capability to meet any new challenges that will carry us forward into the future.


AFG Contracting was founded by a Group of Professionals having extensive technical knowledge and managerial expertise in the Construction, Renovation and other many field. With a mission to provide accelerated, sustainable business growth for its clients through the development and implementation of innovative marketing strategies. We provide quality support and engineering services that reflect the unique need of our customers. We work collaboratively with our clients to achieve the best possible results. We are Registered under the Companies Act, on 2006, as a Private Limited Company at Saudi Arabia, having our corporate office in the heart of Riyadh. 

We are a professionally managed group and are providing supplies and services like Project Management Services, Civil and Electrical work, Road Construction, Building Construction, Operations & Maintenance (All Types).We have currently more than 8 Engineers, 25 technicians, and 40 Labour circulating in different Projects. We are also organizing new Teams involved in new ventures of today’s demand in Construction and Renovation in Major Clients especially for Government Vital installation and Private Institutions.




As a GM of Asil Future General Contracting, I am committed to deploying an enormous human, intellectual financial and physical resources to provide high standard construction services that participate in the achievement of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia ambitious 2030 vision.” Mr Essa Awad has demonstrated a strong aptitude for goal setting and strategic planning, contributing to the successful completion of major projects. His clear vision, attention to detail, and ability to devise actionable plans have resulted in the timely execution of tasks and the realization of key milestones.



Eng Hesham’s has a remarkable achievement as a Project Coordinator . He is hard work, dedication, and commitment have played a pivotal role in achieving significant goals in his whole carrier. He has proven to be an exceptional problem solver and decision maker, consistently handling challenges and obstacles that arise during project implementation. His analytical thinking, creativity, and ability to make sound judgments have contributed to successful project outcomes and the achievement of big goals. he ranging to head of construction supervision of projects worth more than Twenty Billion Saudi Riyals.



A senior executive successful at establishing & developing the vision and strategies necessary to grow a multimillion dollar company. With verifiable year-after-year success achieving revenue, profit, and business growth objectives within start-up, turnaround, and rapid-change environments. Diverse industry and functional expertise, with tenacious commitment to drive sales, profit and market-share growth. Dynamic results-oriented leader with a strong track record of performance in turnaround and high-paced organizations. Highly successful in building relationships with upper-level decision makers and delivering on customer commitments.



Eng Ali graduated in 2001 and started his career in Saudi Arabia in which he held different positions. Ali has a wide range of expertise that he can bring to the table from years and years of managing numerous projects throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad. 



Muhammad Yaseen has a diploma in Information Technology and is certified in Microsoft and Cisco with 11 years of experience as a Network admin in KSA. His technical and fundamental competencies combined with the ideal attributes: Analytical, Critical Thinker, Team Oriented.